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Dear Steve

This is Geoff. He is 86 and has vascular dementia. Last year, he fell down the stairs and had to be rushed to hospital. Geoff was in hospital for a long time and the care he received throughout his stay was appalling.

Eventually Geoff was told that he could go home, but at discharge he was left alone with his medication. When his daughters came to pick him up, he’d opened it and had started to take it. This should never have happened.

Last month Alzheimer’s Society launched our #FixDementiaCare campaign to make sure that stories like Geoff’s become a thing of the past, but we need your help.

TAKE ACTION >> Send a message to the CEO of NHS England. Demand better care for people with dementia in hospitals

A few minutes of your time will help improve the way people with dementia are treated in hospitals. Send a message to Simon Stevens the CEO of NHS England. Ask him to make sure all hospitals publish an annual dementia statement.

If every hospital in England published an annual dementia statement, everyone would be able to see the quality of dementia care in their area. Not only that, but dementia statements will help motivate hospitals to make the improvements necessary to ensure that people with dementia get the care that they deserve.

We believe everyone has the right to the same, high standard of care and support, wherever they live – and to know in advance what they can expect.

Find out more about our #FixDementiaCare campaign and read our report on dementia care in hospitals here.

Francesca & the Alzheimer’s Society campaigns team




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