Mandatory Training

Mandatory training for Elite Livein Servicesrs, regardless of experience, covers all of CQC's 5 Lines of Enquiry

At Elite Livein Services, we understand that everyone learns at different levels and speeds. We also know that the courses of training required for experienced and less experienced carers will, by necessity, be different.

Mandatory training for Elite Livein Servicesrs, regardless of experience, covers all of CQC's 5 Key Lines of Enquiry and provides the carer with a foundation to further their knowledge with on-the-job experience.

Our training plan improves the knowledge of our carers and results in improvement of care delivery

For inexperienced carers, completion of The Care Certificate is sufficient to ensure safe, effective practice within the regulatory framework in which Elite Livein Services operates. Before any of our carers are enrolled on to The Care Certificate, they must complete the Elite induction programme and adopt our high standards.

For experienced carers, we only accept training that is accredited to the standards we feel are appropriate for the quality of service we pride ourselves on. If our recruiter feels the carer needs specific training, or that any training previously completed was not adequate, we would not allow that carer into the field until their skillset was updated.

If the experienced carer or their line manager feels further training is required in specific areas, the Elite training program allows for this.

Our specialist training modules may include (among others):

  • Complex care training (e.g. cough assist, tracheostomy etc.)
  • Mandatory training to focus on specific subjects the carer feels unprepared for
  • Client specific training (e.g. complex moving and handling)
  • Customer service training
  • Train the trainer

Elite's training plan improves the overall knowledge of our carers, which results in higher quality care-giving. Equally importantly, it provides our carers with the opportunity to learn, progress and flourish in their careers.

The course content overview below is the standard training course for all Elite carers:

1. Health and Safety at Work
2. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
3. Caldicott Principles
4. Fire Safety Awareness
5. Infection Control
6. Moving and Handling (Including Practical)
7. Choking (Adults)
8. Defibrillation
9. Basic Life Support (Including Practical)
10. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
11. Safeguarding Children (Levels 1 & 2)
12. Conflict Management
13. Lone Working
14. Food Hygiene
15. Welcome to Elite Livein Services



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