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Save Our Homecare Petition

Save Our Homecare –

more funding to support people at home and reward careworkers

Dear Everyone

UKHCA’s Save Our Homecare e-petition has to date generated approximately 22,000 signatures, however it needs a lot more in order to demonstrate to Government the urgent need to protect homecare services – both for today and the future.

Every signature counts

How many people work in your office? How many people are in your care team? How many friends do you have on social media?

If every UKHCA member got 35 or more people to sign the petition, then we would easily have the 100,000 signatures needed to get the petition considered for debate in parliament.


You can play your part by encouraging your colleagues, clients and wider community to get involved and sign the petition now.

How to sign the petition

1. Visit the petition page:


2. Go to your email inbox and validate your signature


You will receive an email from the Parliament petition site – this is in order that they can be sure that you wanted to sign the petition.

Please note: Some email providers will send this email into the junk / spam folder. So, please do check there if it doesn’t come through as expected.

For more information on the campaign, or to download resources to help you promote it, please visit the Save Our Homecare web page.


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