A Dignified Revolution goes full circle

A Dignified Revolution goes full circle

A message from the organisers.

A Dignified Revolution was established in 2008 and has focused on raising awareness of vulnerable older people’s right to dignity and respect when they are in hospital. It was established by a small group of people who had experienced first-hand, unacceptable standards of care when their loved ones were in hospital.

It is time now for us to ‘hang up our boots’ as they say and pass the baton on to others to keep fighting the cause. There are already many others out there and they are doing an amazing job – and we wholeheartedly support them.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 7 years with their donations, gifts in kind and most of all encouragement, which has helped spur us on. You cannot begin to imagine what this has meant to us. We have been overwhelmed by people’s generosity and kindness and we thank you

Wishing everyone the very best for the future

Best wishes

Monica Dennis and Judith Allen
On behalf of A Dignified Revolution

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