Self-Employed Carers Insurance

Elite Livein Services are partnered with Surewise to provide specialist self-employed carers & personal assistant insurance, protecting you should anything go wrong during the course of you carrying out your responsibilities.

This insurance is available to care workers and personal assistants to provide cover against compensation claims that could arise in the event of the injury to a service user, the loss or damage of property, and other risks that can arise as a result of your role as a carer.

Cover Highlights

Self-employed carers insurance, provided by Surewise, includes cover against risks such as:

  • Injury to any person as a result of your work (for example, your client, a customer)
  • Work-related injury to yourself
  • Property damage or loss
  • Negligence or abuse allegations

What's covered under self-employed carers insurance?

The day-to-day responsibilities of self-employed carers vary greatly depending on the type of service users they are providing. No matter what level of care you provide, you should feel confident that you're covered by your insurance policy.

Among the general activities and duties covered by your insurance are:

  • Personal care: This includes the preparation and feeding of food and drink, assistance with bathing and dress, and moving/handling.
  • Administration of prescribed medicines and first aid.
  • General domestic duties: This applies to things such as shopping, gardening tasks, and basic maintenance to your service user's property.
  • Looking after your client's domestic pets or children: With the provision that these tasks only take up a minor part of the overall work carried out.
  • Accompanying clients: Social, domestic, and pleasure trips all fall into this category.
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